My Life Mondays

Hi. This is me in a chair! I am so excited for this year!!

Hello, hello!!

Thank you for coming here to see what I am up to! Check out my website. It took me a while to get it up and running and I’m excited to share it with you.

Great News….

For my long time fans, you might remember my posts every week, My Life Mondays. I would post about my life, business, and sessions weekly. Great news, This is the new beginning! I have officially started the blog back up and will be posting all kinds of good stuff for you here. This is the perfect way to share information and keep you updated on my journey. Some weeks are more exciting than others and mom life keeps me busy, even if I feel like I just hand out snacks all day.

These last couple years have been an amazing journey. Within the last 6 years, I have gotten married, started my business, and had two beautiful children. Each year challenging me to be bigger and better. What type of session are you looking for?? Although I am primarily a senior photographer, I limit myself to a certain number of weddings. I have a few booked for 2021 and willing to take on two more. I love documenting weddings and all the little details during that day. Please reach out if you are wanting a different session and I can send you information about it.

This year, seniors are top priority. I have a small Senior Model Team and planned out some fun sessions with them in addition to their own private portrait session. I am looking forward to their first meet up session. Looking to book a senior session?

Did you have any questions? I would love to answer them. Contact Melissa