My Life Mondays

Hannah’s Senior Session

I just wanted to let you in and see a few pictures from Hannah’s session. Our adventure started the minute we met up. (The laughs didn’t stop either!) Although we aren’t exactly sure where we were, we found water and just went with it.

We were happy at this point and we had a decent drive back. I even left my car running as we would just hop out and snap a few. I decided to look at what the river looked like at the end of the path, and woo wee!! I am so glad I did….

I mean… C’mon!! 🙂

Laughing the whole time.

Sounds of squeals were echoing through the woods as we would try to find a flat place to stand after walking over the slippery rocks. Luckily, no one fell in, well, all the way. Haha

When we were driving home from this session, we were talking about the details she wants to include for her second one and I am excited for it! We may have started planning for it already… stay tuned for her part two coming soon.

Hannah!! Beautiful inside and out! I had the best time with you. Kinda like my Ride or Die, even though we almost died like 10 times. haha See you soon….