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Devon & Kelsey

I had a busy weekend and I loved everything about it!! But, Can I gush over my engagement session on Saturday night with the cutest couple ever!?? Oh my goodness, guys, We had a blast! Our time flew by way too fast and I’m looking forward to getting to the rest of these images but I HAD to share these sneak peeks on the blog. Documenting their love throughout an evening to tell a story and see their personality is something so special.

First of all, I need to start by saying how AMAZING Devon was. He was so sweet to lead to way so she didn’t break herself on our adventure. He took about a million pictures with his lovely lady and didn’t complain at all. As for Kelsey, um, so she is the sweetest little thing ever. #models

Spreading our love all over…

We decided to use in truck and a few and I love how they turned out!! Ahhh! They were so adorable having fun and giggling through the poses. I could have taken photos for another hour, I swear. Looking at these images you can tell the fun that was had. Only one person got stuck in the jaggers. ( It was me. There was blood. It’s fine. Haha)

I joked about it being his turn to hop on, and they went for it, and it was amazing.
I mean… this moment…

A beautiful ending to our evening

To end our evening in the most beautiful way possible, we wanted water, the sunset, and a fun silhouette shots. It was beautiful and peaceful and here I was yelling after each click like I was Austin Powers!! (Yeah, baby yeah!) I’m telling you, the couple on the next section over weren’t catching any fish with me scaring them away. Haha. What a fun relationship. I am so happy that I get to document such an important milestone in their life. I am so excited for them. Love you guys. This was so fun, we may have to do a engagement part 2. If you are up for it… wink!

Perfect ending. xoxo

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  1. Jennifer Puffinburger

    OMG!! totally love them!! Great job as always, Melissa!! You are awesome! 💕

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