My Life Mondays

Eskimo kisses..

March 29th, 2020

It was still cold outside and we were about 3 weeks into our quarantine. We had a storm come through and we lost electricity for 3 days. I decided to think of a few ways to brighten our days and planned an adventure. I wanted to paint a rainbow and share some hope looking to brighter days ahead. (literally brighter, like, with light bulbs.) They both waited patiently while I painted the window, not sure what we were going to do with it. I didn’t want to take up too much time, as they were excited to play in the “lions den” I made for them when I flipped the couch. I asked them to take a few pictures for me. They have such sweet moments everyday. They are laced in between tears, laughter, and more tears. They played in the lions den all day.

I want to remember all their little features. Her little ponytail with a million fly-aways. His shaggy corona hair style. Haha.

They melt me with these moments.

The next day we headed out on a “bear hunt”. This was a HUGE HIT!! They had a blast and we counted so many bears in a housing plan where so many people participated and placed stuffed animals in their windows for others to drive by and find them.

After our long bear hunt, we had some ice cream.

We ended our evening with 47 books by candlelight. I bundled my babies and tucked them in. They slept surprisingly well by themselves in a quiet and dark house. I’m glad I was able to document a time where it was easy to be negative. It’s one thing to have to be quarantined with your family, but a whole new ball game without lights and heat while it’s too cold to play outside. We made it through with some sweet memories to keep forever. Chase & Emma, you are my world. xoxo