My Life Mondays

Location scouting in Pittsburgh.

The key to location scouting is to get out and shoot there. Find some friends who would love to hang out and pose for a couple photos. It becomes a fun evening all dress up and laughing with your friends. 

I have been down to Point State Park plenty of times, but to look around and see where the sun sets this time of year and discover different locations within this location is different. Remember the great points and also the challenges that arise when going to each location. It depends on the feel of the session and what vibe the client is going for.

Did we have fun?

as if you had to ask….

We walked around and laughed and tried to dodge a million other people that evening. I love when girls start cheering the others on during their time to shine in front of the camera. The awkward moment of “what do I do with my hands” and the inside jokes the others yell to make you smile your genuine smile. This is why I love photographing seniors. I love to help them enjoy their senior year and make more memories with these friends. After high school and some friends move, they will have these pictures to carry with them. Always document your moments. It will soon be a memory that you love looking back to relive. I had the best time in school with friends, and I would love to have more pictures of it, but the ones I have mean so much to me. 

Working with high school seniors gives me the opportunity to to build you up and make you feel beautiful. Having a great time and receiving beautiful images is a bonus.