About me

Hey there! I'm Melissa.

I absolutely LOVE working with high school seniors! It is exciting to create fun and artistic senior portraits to fit each students personality. I want to provide an incredible experience and give parents images to cherish forever.

I am located in Beaver County, PA and often travel to Pittsburgh and other surrounding locations. 

I divide my attention everyday between caring for my two kiddos, my hubby, and photography. It may be an uneven balance some days, but they are only 4 and 2 and time flies by, so they need me more right now, and that’s okay. When I’m not editing and watching Friends, I’m playing, handing out snacks, and watching Disney movies with the kids.

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What else would you like to know about me?

I have a bubbly and loud personality. Motivating people and staying positive is very important to me. Please let me know if you need a pep talk. I would love to build you up. I love to make others laugh. It helps that I laugh at myself, (daily) which is perfect when meeting Senior students with the same funny and sometimes awkward personality. It eases the session and brings out the truest person you are for those pictures with “your real smile”. 

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