Trent & Janna

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Ahhh… Trent and Janna! Congratulations to the beautiful couple! I had a blast capturing your wedding day! You are both so fun and silly with each other that I know comedic relief will help you through this crazy life together. I wanted to highlight some first moments from your first day as husband and wife.

It was so special. Wedding mornings can be so frantic. It is crazy how time works throughout that busy day. “Did you remember this? Where are my shoes? Who has my veil? Is my brother dressed yet? (haha) But then, time slows down. In fact, it stops. As you are dressed in your gown, waiting for the elevator. A long time best friend happens to get off on your floor and your eyes fill up. There is always so many emotions on wedding day. It’s because we love. Hard. A very special moment that day was the first look with the bride and her momma. They both looked gorgeous. It was so sweet. We also did a first look with her brother. He didn’t look as pretty as mom did but the moment was perfect. Time speeds up again until it is time to walk down the isle. It stops again. For one pesky little cloud. As it rained for a few moments, we waited it out. I took a photo of them holding hands with a wall between them. It shows that together, we can get through anything. The cloud moved on, and the ceremony was great. We didn’t see another drop for the rest of the day. Doing things the way they wanted, they cut a doughnut rather than a 3 tier cake. Also, Janna did a mother daughter dance. Cue the water works. It was hard to listen to the lyrics and take photos. It was beautiful. We ended the night with a few evening pictures and said our goodbyes.

This is the beginning for their new adventure. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.  I am excited to follow along and see where life will take you together.

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DSC_0669 DSC_0557

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DSC_1834 DSC_1852

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