The journey of life…

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This world can be a crazy place. It is full of ups and downs. To be honest with you, I try not to watch the news. I can barely watch movies without shedding a tear. To watch an episode of This Is Us, whew, forget it. Haha. I have always tried to be a positive person and to have my outlook on life as uplifting as possible.

Bringing life into this world is a miracle. There are many changes that are made to a woman’s mind and body. Some are easier to embrace than others. Everyone has a different journey. Each path taken is just as special. For me to see a baby on their birth day is such a beautiful experience, and to capture those moments for the parents to have forever is truly priceless. There are so many things swarming through a parents head on the day they finally meet the baby they have been dreaming about. To see some still shots of the day that will be one of the most special days in their life allows people to remember more than the date. They see feelings. They see happiness. They feel the emotions. They feel the love. Pictures are powerful.

Please enjoy the glimpse of Zoey’s birth day. Here is a look into her journey into the world.













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