Mackenzie gets my vote!

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I am so glad that I was asked to capture the memories made this day. This day probably meant a lot to Mackenzie and I am blessed to say it meant a great deal to me.

Homecoming is not just a dance. It is a WHOLE DAY. It’s making sure your makeup looks perfect, even if your going to have to re-apply after the roller coaster of emotions as you continue to get ready. It’s dress mishaps and double-sided tape. It’s putting on heels and counting down until you can take them off to dance. It’s posing for picture after picture with friends as your cheeks are yelling, “No more pictures!” It’s a growling tummy because you didn’t eat anything yet. (True story.) It is your proud parents watching you get your picture taken and admiring how beautiful their baby looks as she’s growing up.  To Mackenzie, homecoming was a chance to get dressed up and visit with a special aunt. “You look beautiful, Have fun, and I love you.”

After all the hectic ups and downs of the day, would you go back and do it all over again? Yes we would.

Kenz, you are a beautiful person.


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