Laurelai Rose

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Look at this sweet angel baby!

Little miss Laurelai has stolen the hearts of many already. Spending time with a family adds to my pleasure of taking photos. I get to know them. It was sweet as the little cousins want to watch what we were doing. They want to feed her in between outfit changes and offered up some pearls for the pictures. Her uncle checks in on us from time to time. He is in charge of the cousins as Laurelai’s aunt and I worked some magic in the other room. Oh my, the love that you see from her aunt is beautiful. She was talking so sweet with conversation to soothe her. The little nick names she has for her as shes rocking her as we choose wraps, outfits, and hair bows. Her aunt hums her to sleep in the different positions.

She a lucky babe, and her family is just as lucky to have her.



DSC_9045 DSC_9074 DSC_9094 DSC_9124

DSC_9199 DSC_9176 DSC_9165

DSC_9146 DSC_9142 DSC_9147

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