Happy Birth Day Mia !

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Baby Mia has been such a feisty little thing for the last few months for her momma. She wasn’t quite sure how early she wanted to meet everyone and momma and they family (and myself) made a few trips to the hospital to see if we would catch a glimpse of this new addition.

It was Saturday night, March 10th, I receive a text saying momma isn’t feeling to hot and wanted to go see if this time the contractions were going to progress anything further. I decided to take a nap because it was now about 11pm and I had to be at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh before 8am for a birth session that I was scheduled to document for a different family. I woke up to a text at 3:08am stating that things were looking promising. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my gear for the day and got to Beaver Medical Center within 30 minutes.

Things could not have gone more perfect. Documenting the moments until their fourth baby (and the first girl) arrives to complete their family is something I love to see and have the family remember. As Grandma sips her coffee and daddy sips mountain dew, they make small talk in the waiting room about Paps birthday adventures that night. The nurse says we are allowed back to her room. Momma was prepped and ready for baby. After a short time of waiting and a few jokes that daddy would make every time the machines would make their beeping noises, this beautiful, tiny little girl made her appearance at 5:58am on March 11th.

The raw moment of emotions that you feel in a room when they are meeting the newest member of their little family they created is hard for me to describe in words. I remember how special it was to be there when I look at these pictures. I remember the goosebumps I felt as I watched their eyes fill with happiness and tears. I watched a man grow soft and head over heels over his daughter. I watched their family grow by 6 pounds. She is here and she is perfect.

Welcome to the world Mia Rose.









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