Family Portrait

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Greg and Lisa invited me over to their home to take a family portrait for them. This was a bittersweet moment to capture for them as Greg was offered a job in Louisiana and they were leaving the following week. The family may live in different states now, but it is nothing that facebook, a phone call, or a short flight couldn’t fix. Things like this in life may be difficult at times, but this will let you see how precious time is together. I’m proud to be a part of their last family portrait at their childhood home. Can you tell they are going to miss the baby? (He is in every shot. Haha.) Best wishes to you all. When you are back in town and need a few pictures taken, let me know.  xo

DSC_7560 - Copy

DSC_7583 - Copy

DSC_7582 - Copy

DSC_7599 - Copy

DSC_7567 - Copy







DSC_7608 - Copy


DSC_7570 - Copy

DSC_7606 - Copy

DSC_7574 - Copy


DSC_7580 - Copy


DSC_7597 - Copy

DSC_7635 - Copy

DSC_7652 - Copy

DSC_7658 - Copy

DSC_7662 - Copy

DSC_7669 - Copy - Copy




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