Andrew & Brooke Wedding Day

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Andy and Brooke are married! I am so thankful to help them document this day for them.  It was a beautiful day with a wonderful couple. I was able to snap a few at rehearsal before the big day. It was a fun group of people with the groomsmen always good for a laugh. It made the day go by so fast and that helps for natural smiles and candid moments. After the ceremony, we stopped at the hospital to visit Andy’s grandmother who was unable to be released for the day. That was a really special moment and I’m so glad they stopped in for a quick hug and a prayer, then off to the reception. They not only had a traditional cookie table, but also a “late night bite” table loaded with sweets and snacks.  To end the night with a moment to stop and soak up the day alone. I ask the couple to step outside just the two of them, and watch the sunset and enjoy some quiet time. This is YOUR day. Soak it up.

Congratulations to a sweet couple. Thank you for asking me to capture your day for you. xoxo


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