Hi Friends! I’m Melissa!!

Grow with me.

Come on this journey with me.

I have a positive and patient personality. I have always been outgoing and I am confident in our ability to work together to showcase your personality through your photos.

Photography was a hobby of mine since I was a child. I can only imagine how many rolls of film my parents bought each year. Can you imagine how many pictures I took of my cat? After school, I decided to go to college for elementary education. A highlight that jumps out is when I studied abroad and taught in a classroom in Belize for almost a month. On my way to completing my degree, I decided to re-evaluate my life and take a different path. I married the person who truly is my best friend.  Michael and I brought our first child into the world in December 2015. Talk about love at first sight. He is my life. The love that I have for my little boy can bring tears to my eyes. Our second perfect completed our family in February 2018. She is perfect. My family is the most important feature in my life, which means I know how much you will value your pictures as moments arise throughout your life. Memories that you’ll want to share for generations.

I am an artist. I am a visual storyteller. I would love to be your photographer.


Fun Facts.

  • I love the innocence of a child and admire their spirit.
  • I LOVE macaroni and cheese.
  • I always have snacks with me. Not because I have a child, because I need it. Graham crackers are saving my life right now. haha
  • I love dogs.
  • I love Disney movies, even though most of them make me cry. (I’ve never been to Disney World. Its on my bucket list.)
  • You can not put enough sprinkles on my ice cream.
  • My husband and I went skydiving a month before we got married. (I’m not sure what that means. Haha!)
  • I am not good at spelling. At all.
  • I ask questions during movies.

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