Hey there! It's Melissa!

I divide my attention everyday between caring for my two kiddos and photography. It may be an uneven balance some days, but they are only 3 and 1 and time flies by, so they need me more right now, and that's okay.

I had always loved taking pictures. Even if My parents only had a Polaroid camera and my favorite subject was my cat. My sister and I grew up posing for each other and creating photo shoots. After high school, I went to school for Elementary education. While I still need 7 classes to earn that degree, my passion for photography became a hobby when my niece was born.  My sister and I started taking more photos and I began brainstorming business ideas. Throughout the last 8 years, I have found and married my best friend and biggest supporter, we had two children, (Chase, 3 & Emma, 1) and I quit my job to pursue a full time photography business. I am mostly a natural light photographer and LOVE capturing lifestyle sessions. When I'm not editing and watching Friends, I'm playing, handing out snacks, and watching Disney movies with the kids.